Industry Reports

Best Practices for Special Events in Aesthetic Medical Practices

Analysis provided by Erica Collins, Executive Director of the Aesthetic Business Institute and Sr. Vice President at Acara Partners. Special events are a crucial component of most aesthetic medical practices’ integrated marketing plan. Whether these events take place at your practice’s location (as is often the case) or elsewhere in your community, special events allow […]

ABI Flash Poll: Digital Marketing in Aesthetic Medical Practices

Analysis provided by John Powers, PhD, Director of Education and Research for the Aesthetic Business Institute. For the first time, digital marketing spends in 2019 will surpass traditional advertising in the United States, according to eMarketer. By the end of the year, it is expected that digital ad spending will grow 19% to $129 billion, […]

Aesthetic Business Institute Flash Poll – Traditional Marketing

February 2019 While digital communication has become an essential part of a medical practice’s business plan, traditional marketing is alive and well! There have certainly been many shifts in the marketing landscape toward digital and social media, and yet there are still important avenues of traditional marketing that need to be adopted into a marketing […]

Aesthetic Business Institute Flash Poll – Social Media

January 2019 Social Media has become a crucial tool in the sharing of messages for all in the aesthetic medicine industry (and in fact for all businesses and organizations!). An Aesthetic Business Institute (ABI) Flash Poll covered social media and helps to set some important benchmarks and best practices for the industry. How does your […]

SEO Firms at Their Best: Implementing Both On and Off-Page Initiatives

“So you have SEO capabilities? What does that entail, exactly?” This is a question Fran Acunzo often hears, CEO of Acara Partners based in Branford, Connecticut. He frequently gives them a powerful answer by outlining on and off-page search engine optimization (SEO) initiatives, with the goal of helping businesses optimize their online presence, appear higher […]

The Medium Really is the Message in our Current Digital Media Age

As you consider how involved your medical practice or small business should be in the world of social media and digital communication, it is important to understand the context of this information revolution and its importance. These are exciting times for sure in the way humans share information and interact with each other. While it […]

Utilizing Influencers as Part of Your Social Media Strategy

John Powers, PhD
Director of Education and Research
Aesthetic Business Institute

Influencer marketing through social media platforms has become a very popular and effective method of reaching target audiences and potential clients/customers with powerful messages. As a matter of definition, an influencer is a credible source who carries influence over others, and in this case, would be done through social media. It is a similar concept […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and your Aesthetic Practice

John Powers, PhD
Director of Education and Research
Aesthetic Business Institute

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a key business strategy for larger business entities over the last several years, requiring investment of time, energy, and dollars. Numerous studies have shown that when CSR is part of a company’s business plan and model, there is an improvement in reputation and relationships with communities and customers.